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Restyling for OBI in Navacchio (Pisa). The photos

Great restyling for the OBI store in Navacchio (Pi), Italy. (...)

2018 survey of DIY&Garden superstores. The analysis.

The all-round monitoring sums up our latest analysis, which traces the events of a year, 2018, but also the state of a retail channel that, over the past two years, has changed its look. (...)

Mercatone Uno – Shernon aims at recapitalisation

According to a statement released by the UILTuCS union, a meeting was held with Shernon Holding to take stock of the situation and check the progress of the plan following the purchase of Mercatone... (...)

Lavor, simply stronger

This is the pay off accompanying the announcement of the rebranding operation launched by the Mantua-based company, which last year began to shake up the market with prestigious sponsorships. (...)

Fitt – the e-shop by YOYO is here

In 2019 – the year of its 50th anniversary – FITT inaugurated the e-shop directed by YOYO, developed in collaboration with Alkemy*. (...)

Together with Atrium, Casaoikos is a multisector home centre

Visiting the showroom in None, in the province of Turin, we learned that the story culminating in Casaoikos as we know it today dates back to 1946, when Natale Berardo opened, in Cuneo, a company... (...)

CFadda opens in Iglesias

Last December the ninth CFadda store, part of the Bricolife Consortium, opened. The new shop is in Iglesias in the province of South Sardinia. (...)

Bricocasa opens new store in Monopoli (Bari)

The third Bricocasa store opened near Bari: the store interiors feature both innovative and traditional elements compared to the other Bricocasa stores. (...)

BricoBravo speaks German, too

BricoBravo continues its expansion and moves into the German market: after the French site BricoBravo has expanded its business to Germany and Austria. (...)

Brico io, a new organization with 3 directions

At Brico io, as of 13 February, a new management organization has been established. (...)

tazzina di caffè animata

TEN-DIYandGarden is now doubling up and going international

Now three years old, TEN-DIYandGarden, the web magazine devoted to the Italian DIY, gardening and home improvement market, is now doubling up and going international. The web magazine about Italy’s... (...)

Dr Brico, a new DIY centre (with Evoluzione Brico)

The opening of a new DIY centre named Dr Brico is scheduled for the 19th December of this year. (...)

Pietro Migliori leaves Bricocenter

Hot off the press is the news published by Distribuzione Moderna, concerning the appointment of Pietro Migliori as the new General Manager of Risparmio Casa. (...)

DIY superstores: the Competitive Data analysis of financial statements

Competitive Data has carried out, as it does every year, an analysis of the financial statements of the top 172 DIY retailers. (...)

Raffaele SpA. A host of new developments in 2019, starting with Pronto Hobby

This year is set to bring some major changes for the Raffaele SpA group, starting with its DIY division. (...)

Bricoman Italia sentence – a major milestone for DIY superstores

The retailer won an important appeal to the Italian Council of State on authorization to install racks in the forecourts outside its stores. (...)

Serre Verdemax: custom protection for gardens

Whatever space is available there are many custom solutions for taking care of the garden. The array of Verdemax greenhouses is vast enough to provide an optimal solution for any plant or vegetable... (...)

And Bricofer buys Bricorama – in Spain

The news published in Ferreteria y Actualidad about the sale of Bricorama stores in Spain (we had already talked about this) to the Bricofer group. (...)

Bricoman to open in Venegono (Varese)

Having passed up the opportunity to open in Ponte Vedano, the retail chain belonging to Adeo secured, on December 10th last year, the possibility of setting up a new outlet in Venegono Inferiore,... (...)

Brico io, the home center in the city

"The ideal store with the right division between technical and decorative area" this is the incipit of Paolo Roghi, responsible for the merchandising of Bricoio, during the visit of TEN in Palmanova... (...)

Deloitte, 11 DIY retailers in the Top 250

Global Powers of Retailing, produced by Deloitte, is an annual publication that identifies the world’s 250 largest retailers on the basis of publicly available data. The latest edition, the 22nd,... (...)

BricoBravo to protect purchases with Bravo Safe

A new service for BricoBravo customers. The new service is Bravo Safe, providing insurance to protect purchases against accidental damage, in addition to extending product warranties. Developed in... (...)

FITT, research financing from the Ministry of Economic Development

With the project “New generation ‘100% Made in Italy’ of functional products for the transportation of fluids in EU and non-EU Garden, Building and Industrial sectors”, FITT has received 10... (...)

Brico io opens in Milan

The first new Brico io outlet to open in Milan in 2019 is due to have its official inauguration on 16 January. The new outlet, located at the corner between via Benadir and via Palmanova, covers a... (...)

2019, STIHL breaks into the gardening sector

The STIHL Group, from January 2019, is offering the market a complete range of gardening products, exclusively under the STIHL brand. The new STIHL gardening products are already on sale, and they... (...)

Ottimax: closing in Afragola, but opening in Catania in June

The date has now been confirmed. The store will close its doors for the last time on 28 February 2019; this is yet another closure for a site that, over the years, has also seen other operators come... (...)

Coop 2018 report. Italians have their homes on their minds (furnishing, DIY and gardens)

Coop 2018 report, forecasts from Nomisma suggest that real estate sales in Italy should total nearly 566,000 this year (a 4.3% increase on 2017), and rise to around 595,000 in 2019. (...)

GS1 Non-Food Survey shows DIY sector growth  

The DIY market grew slightly in 2017, closing the year with a turnover slightly higher (+0.7%) than that recorded in 2016. If the analysis is extended to the past five years (2013-2017), the turnover... (...)

Myplant & Garden 2019, the green expo

45,000 square metres will accommodate over 700 brands and dozens of meetings. Visitors will be able to plan their own visit, taking in the seven special areas. (...)

SQUALO 140 high pressure washer from Lavor

The cooperation with Vincenzo Nibali, the 2018 testimonial of LAVOR and of the “Un Giorno da Campione” contest, culminated in an absolutely unique and innovative product. (...)

Einhell Power X-Change, new system with 18V battery

Einhell introduces Power X-Change, the new system of 18 V batteries with 6 different charge capacities that can power more than 70 different tools. (...)

Claber Rotoroll Evolution, the automatic hose reel

The Rotoroll automatic hose reel stays attached to the wall and when it is being used it unwinds and winds back up automatically as needed. (...)

Spending is up, but we have changed. Super informed and no longer loyal

The main results of the research conducted by Censis "Lo sviluppo italiano e il ruolo sociale della Distribuzione moderna organizzata” on the Italian development and the social role of modern... (...)

Everyone at Eima 2018. More than 300,000 visitors

Extraordinary results. This is the feedback from the organisers of the 43th Eima show which, in addition to exceeding the threshold of 300,000 visitors. With Italy's Minister of agriculture, food and... (...)

Animali che Passione, the new brand for Gruppo Selex

A new brand for the third largest Italian group in the modern retail industry joining the pet store world. “Animali che Passione”  is the result of market studies and analyses of some Selex... (...)

BTicino top among the best companies to work for in Italy in 2018

For the second time. Again this year, BTicino – the leading brand of the Legrand group in Italy and specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure – was the best company to work for... (...)

FITT, a new concept for stores

Presented at the most recent Spoga+Gafa, the store experience concept by FITT is strongly linked to the change in pace that the group announced a few years ago, where the cardinal principle is... (...)

Leroy Merlin showroom in Abruzzo

After the first tests in Corsico (near Milan) and Lissone, the brand expands from Lombardy to Abruzzo, with the new opening scheduled for December 8 in Chieti. (...)

Mondobrico opening in Alessandria

Inaugurated on 12 September, the seventh Mondobrico store is situated in a completely new setting; equally new is also the Retail Park Alessandria, located on the busy via Marengo. (...)

Bravissimi by BricoBravo

BricoBravo renovates the special offer plan reserved for its customers and launches Bravissimi, a selection of products that meets the purchaser’s needs. (...)

With Brico io at the Italian Grand Prix

Two hundred lucky customers had the possibility to get access to the Monza Circuit, in order to attend the Formula 1 Grand Prix which took place last September. (...)

Leroy Merlin and the new “do-it-with-us” garden in Rome’s Tiburtina neighbourhood

Through an initiative between  Leroy Merlin and Tecnopolo S.p.A., the Leroy Merlin “do-it-with-us” garden concept, already applied in Turin, has now been taken to Rome’s Tiburtina... (...)

San Marco and the ideal store, with augmented reality and talking shelves

Customised walls and the choice of colour tones for your entire home comes from the screen of your smartphone. All it takes is a simple click to renovate your rooms and find the ideal combinations:... (...)

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