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MADE Group, 2023 results and best wishes

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There was some apprehension about the 2023 results from those in the construction industry, especially when compared to those in the 2021/2022 biennium. For Made Group, on the other hand, business results went well beyond expectations.

A first, very significant figure says that In 2023, there were 15 retail outlets that chose to join Gruppo Made, thus bringing the Group closer to 200 outlets nationwide, partly because, just this year, the Group landed in Sicily with four new stores.

Among the various reasons that make joining the Made Group attractive is certainly access to exclusive services, most of them free of charge. For example, the “Made Management Dashboard” which allows real-time monitoring of all key business performance indicators.

And, again, the management training courses for proper financial management and human resource management; a marketing and communication support which, in addition to traditional channels, uses the most popular social channels, whose first goal is to generate contacts between Made resales and new, possible customers.

In this regard, let us recall that The Communication is part of a larger digital ecosystem, which also includes the major rebranding campaign of the outlets, so that many members have already attached the Made Brand to their name and are therefore immediately recognizable and traceable to the Made network.

In addition, Made Group has entered into an agreement to make credit insurance available to member retailers, which enables them to foster business development by limiting business risks.

With all this in mind,the Group is preparing to celebrate its first 20 years in business. This is a significant birthday that comes in a 2024 that all major observers are calling a difficult year for the national construction economy.

“However, the Group is ready to face even this complex economic moment with seriousness and professionalism, strengthened by its maturity and experience,” they comment from MADE Group . And looking forward to the challenges ahead, we would like to extend our best wishes to production, businesses and construction artisans for the upcoming holidays and the coming 2024. And, of course, to all national construction retailers, so that construction distribution can increasingly become a point of reference for the entire Italian construction supply chain.”

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