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icona distribuzione Dr Brico, a new DIY centre (with Evoluzione Brico)

The opening of a new DIY centre named Dr Brico is scheduled for the 19th December of this year. This store, owned by Sangro Trade srl the sole director of which is Giancarlo Micolucci, is opening and will immediately form part of the Evoluzione Brico consortium. We must point out that Giancarlo Micolucci is already well know in the field thanks to his long career in the retail sector with Apollo Service, known as the owner of the Ikasa brand, formerly CIB and subsequently merged into Evoluzione Brico.

The store is located in via Piazzano in Atessa, in the province of Chieti, in Abruzzo, Italy. It is a particularly important industrial zone, in view of the presence of Sevel, a company forming part of the FCA Group, renowned as the largest commercial vehicle production centre in Europe.

“It has a catchment area of about 80 thousand inhabitants, and a daily inflow to Sevel – Dr Brico being a kilometre away from it – of roughly 18-19,00 people a day. So that we can affirm that it enjoys an excellent location. Furthermore, the high degree of mechanical competence of the great number of the Sevel employees, actually makes for the ideal customer, a DIY enthusiast who has a good degree of manual skill and product familiarity,” commented Giancarlo Micolucci.

The store takes up 1,600 sqm and consists of internal area and no less than 1,000 sqm of external area, principally dedicated gardening. The 1,500 sqm car-park being in front of the store. Micolucci goes on to state: “It is a classic DIY centre, with no less than 30,000 items, covering the 18 standard DIY merchandise categories, which are displayed on 730 linear metres of gondola, single and rack display units. We have opted for low shelving, with effective store lighting and simple and clear signs. Our aim being to create a customer-friendly and welcoming environment so that our customers enjoy the shopping experience and are able to browse and decide on their purchases in a relaxed manner.”

A one-off? No, on the contrary. As explained by Giancarlo Micolucci “It is in fact a pilot store, a trial run, which will lead to the opening of other stores.”

The opening of the store, to be managed by Gianluca Micolucci (Giancarlo’s son), will be launched with a promotional campaign featuring special offers on a hundred products and local advertising.


Giornalista specializzata sul mercato bricolage e le tendenze del settore fai-da-te e decorazione della casa. Ha collaborato con le più importanti riviste specializzate.

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