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Brico io, a new organization with 3 directions

“I am very satisfied and honoured by the confidence placed in me to hold a position that merges two of the specializations I have acquired in more than 25 years at Brico io. Being able to have a complete overview and synergy of sales and purchases creates the optimal conditions to develop an offer that is increasingly in line with our customers’ demands.” These are the words of Paolo Micolucci, commenting on his new appointment.

An appointment, that of Paolo Micolucci as head of the Marketing Department, which we have written about, but this is not the only change at Brico io where, as of 13 February, a new management organization has been established.

The Marketing Department, including the Purchases, Sales, Logistics, Marketing and E-Commerce operations, is now entrusted to Paolo Micolucci, who will coordinate a staff made up of the Purchase Office manager, Edoardo Soriani; the Logistics Office manager, Massimo Vichi; the Coordinator of Area Sales Managers, Piero Simonetti; Marketing Office manager, Elena Baggini; Digital Marketing Office manager – E-commerce, Claudia Sanson.

At the same time, Paolo Micolucci will also hold the position of Employer Delegated to Safety with the collaboration of Luca Di Benedetto (RSPP).

Aurelio Marchese has been entrusted with the Development and Franchising Department, which also includes the Technical and Merchandising sectors.

Luigi Guerieri remains at the helm of the Administration, Finance, Control and Information System Department

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