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icona distribuzione BricoBravo to protect purchases with Bravo Safe

A new service for BricoBravo customers. The new service is Bravo Safe, providing insurance to protect purchases against accidental damage, in addition to extending product warranties.

Developed in collaboration with Allianz, the service, available in the section “Insurance” on the website, is simple and risk-free for users who can take out a customized policy within six months of buying the product.

Bravo Safe is a service offered by Simplesurance, a platform designed to simplify the act of taking out insurance. Once a product has been purchased, users can choose to protect it against accidental damage and theft for the period of time they deem necessary: 12, 24 or 36 months, the price varying according to the value of the item being insured. Insurance protects against improper usage due to oversight, malfunctions caused by contact with liquids, sources of heat or short circuits due to overvoltage, third party damage and theft.

The service is available for electrical heaters, garden machines or power tools and, in addition to the insurance, it also offers the possibility to extend the warranty up to 36 months. Once the policy has been selected, the purchaser can enter their data and the serial number of the product to insure or extend the warranty for.

“2019 will be a rich year of surprises for all our users and Bravo Safe is just the beginning,” Fabrizio Quattrini, e-commerce Manager for BricoBravo told us. After the innovations we have made to the website to improve user experience, we have expanded our services to better assist users when they research products prior to purchasing, introducing new payment methods and flat shipping rates.”


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