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DIY production and gardening: news, interviews, characters, acquisitions, relationships, brands

Made4DIY, new entries and the “Boulevard of Italian DIY”

A new initiative for 2019 launched by the Made4DIY Consortium, stemming from participation in trade fairs in Italy and abroad, like the Myplant&Garden exhibition in Milan and the Hardware Show in... (...)

Fitt – the e-shop by YOYO is here

In 2019 – the year of its 50th anniversary – FITT inaugurated the e-shop directed by YOYO, developed in collaboration with Alkemy*. (...)

WD-40 relocates to Italy

WD-40, a major American multi-national has chosen Italy as the new production source for the European market. (...)

FITT, research financing from the Ministry of Economic Development

With the project “New generation ‘100% Made in Italy’ of functional products for the transportation of fluids in EU and non-EU Garden, Building and Industrial sectors”, FITT has received 10... (...)

2019, STIHL breaks into the gardening sector

The STIHL Group, from January 2019, is offering the market a complete range of gardening products, exclusively under the STIHL brand. The new STIHL gardening products are already on sale, and they... (...)

Everyone at Eima 2018. More than 300,000 visitors

Extraordinary results. This is the feedback from the organisers of the 43th Eima show which, in addition to exceeding the threshold of 300,000 visitors. With Italy's Minister of agriculture, food and... (...)

BTicino top among the best companies to work for in Italy in 2018

For the second time. Again this year, BTicino – the leading brand of the Legrand group in Italy and specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure – was the best company to work for... (...)

FITT, a new concept for stores

Presented at the most recent Spoga+Gafa, the store experience concept by FITT is strongly linked to the change in pace that the group announced a few years ago, where the cardinal principle is... (...)

San Marco and the ideal store, with augmented reality and talking shelves

Customised walls and the choice of colour tones for your entire home comes from the screen of your smartphone. All it takes is a simple click to renovate your rooms and find the ideal combinations:... (...)

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