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FITT, a new concept for stores

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Presented at the most recent Spoga+Gafa, the store experience concept by FITT is strongly linked to the change in pace that the group announced a few years ago, where the cardinal principle is studying end user behaviour, considering not only product-related needs, but also the changing buying habits.

Devised for traditional retail with the intention of combining the advantage of online and multiple channels, and aiming to offer bespoke service and a purchase that turns into an experience, FITT has come up with a new display solution that supports its partners in the reail sector, whether they are DIY stores or garden centres.

It is an area where the traditional physical location with product displays has been transformed into a structure that offers multiple possibilities for interaction to learn about the product. Alongside this space there is a temporary display area that can be activated for greater effectiveness for in-store promotion days or testimonial events. This way customers are drawn to the store where they can have a real and complete experience, that could not take place with online purchases, and that has a high loyalty potential.

The concept that FITT proposes was developed based on experience in the field and from the analysis of the behaviour of the many consumers encountered by the staff at FITT throughout Europe when introducing YOYO at all major events open to the public in different countries. From initial surprise, to the discovery of products and their characteristics, through to the final purchase, customers are guided along a path that engages and entertains, making them open and willing to hear messages from this exclusive touch point.

“Remaining on today’s market,” Alessandro Mezzalira the CEO of FITT says, “means also knowing how to provide our retailer partners with solutions to support the creation of those bonds of loyalty with the end consumer which is the great challenge that traditional stores need to do more than ever. With this concept we draw on the experience we have gained through a systematic approach to studying and listening to our end users, not just as regards product development, but also everything that is dedicated to meeting with them”.


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