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The role of influencers in live shopping

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A not insignificant aspect that distinguishes the organization of a Live Shopping is whether or not to engage an influencer.

Certainly having your product presented by an influencer who is already known to the people of the Web allows you to be able to take advantage of the audience of followers that this one brings to accompany his or her professionalism. This can somehow be understood as a kind of “shortcut” to achieve immediate results.

It is equally true, however, that an already “famous” influencer lavora with many brands and, accordingly, will hardly be able to consolidate a true personalization between brand and testimonial. Otherwise, “targeting” one’s own testimonial-all the more so if it is a retailer-is undoubtedly a longer and more complex path but one that, in the medium and long term, can allow for greater returns, in terms of identification.

For those who choose this second option, they are often internal company personnel who, of course, must present what is called the “phisique du role” to be on video but who on their side have market and customer knowledge.

In addition D’Arcangelo points out that Collaborate with distributors who have a lot of social activity, with its own modes of interaction is very effective to reiterate its message to its audience of followers, but if you want to expand the audience of potential customers, the influencer has its usefulness and, more importantly, its fan base.

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