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icona prodotti Claber Rotoroll Evolution, the automatic hose reel

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For more than 10 years, one of Claber’s success stories has certainly been the Rotoroll automatic hose reel. Then again, it was destined for success: anyone with a garden or terrace knows perfectly well what it means to water the plants, to unwind the water hose, reach the plants furthest away, then come back dragging the full length of the hose only to have to wind the hose back up to pack it away. They have to do this every blessed day in the hottest months.

The Rotoroll automatic hose reel stays attached to the wall and when it is being used it unwinds and winds back up automatically as needed. It is hard to think that a product like this would not be a great success.

In this 2018 season Claber has decided to further improve the Rotoroll system developing the new family of Rotoroll Evolution hose reels, designed to deliver even more convenience and better functional use.

One of the most significant updates is the application of a new exclusive assisted rewinding system, Slow Rewind, that rolls it up slowly and tidily inside the hose reel.

Another important feature is the practical wall attachment system, that allows the hose reel to turn 180° to the right or left as needed.

In addition, it has a special slot housing an anti-theft lock: an extra precaution, particularly for common open areas.

Considering the success it has had, Claber has decided not to change the look of the reel hose, featuring an elegant silver finish, or the material, always very high quality to guarantee the long life of the product. To think that the Rotoroll Evolution hose reels are tested one by one to virtually eliminate the possibility of defects and therefore guarantee the maximum satisfaction for consumers.

Rotoroll Evolution comes complete with an extension to attach it to the tap, automatic couplings, adjustable spray nozzle and it comes in two models which differ only in the length of the hose: 20 metres or 30 metres, two lengths studied for gardens and for the most common open areas.

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