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Live shopping as a marketing tool

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For Paolo Arcuri, sales manager of Leifheit Italia, it is not correct to evaluate live shopping exclusively as a sales tool, as it proves to be very effective as a communication vehicle that can generate an important return of brand awarness.

In fact, Arcuri continues, “to cite the example of the first live show carried out, exceeding 50,000 views for a company that still has relative brand awarness in Italy is still a very important figure and one that provides insights for the sales force as well, proving to be an excellent communication tool.”

A concept explored in depth by the CEO of Leifheit Italia, Emanuele Ragni which also puts manufacturers at the center of reflection on the Live Shopping phenomenon: “What will be the scenarios of tomorrow? Shouldn’t we also raise the issue internally within companies, as our parent company is doing, to understand the effects and opportunities that this form of commerce and communication may have?”

After all, already at this time the Live Shopping phenomenon is already undergoing mutations, and as he points out Raffaele Landolfi of Bronet Service: “started from the classic Live Social Commerce with live streams where you show the product, Gradually we are getting to declining Live alongside the creation of diluted content even over time and that can focus our attention on a particular product or as a support to Live to increase site traffic, brand awarness and, most importantly, generate sales. But what is important is that Live is not conceived as a separate tool from the overall marketing strategy.”

After all, if even today ecommerce is not commonly conceived of as a sales tool but as an element of website presentation, it is clear that there is still much to be done with respect to the correct perception of online sales And, in this sense, the Live, as Landolfi argues: “allows us to be able and create that synergy between the online channel and the window to the offline.”

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