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Three new primers for Arexons’ Ferox Primer line


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Ferox, a brand of Arexons, has come up with three new Primer Line primers for the 2024 season to further expand the possibilities for specific interventions on all types of materials.

Arexons ‘ Ferox Primer range was born in 2020 with five specific primers for five different materials: the galvanized metal primer, the aluminum primer, the wood primer, the polystyrene primer, and the special effects paint primer.

In the 2024 season, the Ferox Primer range was expanded from five to eight primers with the addition of: Ferox Fondo Antiruggine, to protect against rust; Ferox Fondo Riempitivo, to fill small cracks on metals; and, finally, Ferox Fondo Aggrappante Plastica, to make paint cling easily.

Ferox Antirust Primer

It is a high coverage red acrylic resin primer containing special corrosion inhibitors. It possesses excellent adhesion to many substrates such as metal (iron, brass, copper, aluminum), wood and glass. It is also suitable for direct use on rust.

Ferox Bottom Filler

Useful for grouting and evening out surfaces that have small scratches and imperfections. Before its use, it is recommended to treat the surface to be painted with some passes of very fine grit sandpaper. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Ferox Plastic Primer Aggrappante

It is an acrylic pretreatment ideal for surfaces where paints have poor adhesion. It is needed to promote paint adhesion on poorly receptive surfaces such as polycarbonate, polypropylene and the like.

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