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75th anniversary for fischer group

Klaus Fisher
Klaus Fisher

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From small workshop to world market leader in fastening technology. This is the development of a successful family business established in Germany in 1948.

While until 1980 it was a medium-sized company focused on nylon plugs, over the past 40 years the Fischer Group has evolved into a multinational corporation under the leadership of Klaus Fischer, president and owner, son of founder Artur Fischer.

There are many reasons for fischer and its employees to celebrate its 75th anniversary and look to the future. “Our people are the greatest resource of our company and the crucial factor for success, rather than our facilities and buildings,” company owner Klaus Fischer recalls on many occasions.

A history that started with the S plug, the first nylon expansion fastener, with the Group now offering not only a wide and deep range of fastening products and systems, but also services for the design, construction and maintenance of buildings.

With sales in 2022 standing at 1.14 billion euros, the Group’s strength lies in having come up with innovative products. Those who thought that the famous S-fix could remain an unqualified success were proved wrong with the birth in 2015 of fischer DuoPower, which surpassed the success of the S-fix.

To celebrate the Group’s 75th anniversary, just as in Germany, a limited edition – limited edition – of the first box of the S dowel was produced in Italy.


DuoPower was the first addition to the DuoLine family, which now includes a wide range of products characterized by the innovative combination of different materials to ensure the best performance on every substrate.

With its innovations and quality criteria, fischer continues to set the standard for efficiency and reliability in construction. BauBot is the world’s first fastening robot, which drills and installs fischer wall, floor and ceiling fastening solutions.

The Group’s major innovation is also the fischer Construction Monitoring sensor, which enables monitoring of prestressing forces in fasteners at any time and place. In this sense, R&D departments, BIM solutions, engineering services, and the FiXperience suite then support designers, installers, and enterprises.

Constant international expansion

The Group operates globally with an approach geared toward creating value for customers and users of its products. About 80 percent of its sales are generated outside Germany, where the Group’s headquarters are located.

A goal, that of internationalization carried out by Klaus Fischer, since his establishment in 1980, and which has led the group to its current 51 subsidiaries in 39 countries, presence in more than 120 countries, and a total of 5,600 employees worldwide.

Efficient processes generate value

Since 2004, fischer Consulting, the Group’s Business Consulting Division, has been supporting companies in optimizing processes based on the fischer ProcessSystem.

fischer Consulting provides support for efficient planning of production processes, factory layouts, and strategy development, helping companies undertake cultural change to become a forward-looking and sustainably competitive organization through change management approaches.

As part of the fischer Group, fischer Consulting draws on its extensive experience in optimization projects within the Group and is the only consulting firm with 20 years of implementation experience in its own plants and more than 50 subsidiaries.

Sustainability, in fischer Group’s DNA since its inception

fischer has been recycling plastic waste since 1953. Since the 1980s, it has been using waste heat from injection molding to heat buildings through thermal heat pumps, and cooling water storage tanks have been a source of heat for thermal heat pumps.

With its two photovoltaic plants, the company has produced about 23 percent of the energy needed at its largest site in Tumlingen, making a significant contribution to the energy transition.

The economic, ecological and social aspects of sustainability are of key importance in the fischer Group’s mission statement, first published in 1987, and significantly influence the corporate culture.

Sustainability even in products, in fact fischer launched in 2014 with the GreenLine the world’s first range of fastening systems made primarily from renewable resources and subsequently produced its first sustainability report.

fischer has won numerous awards for its sustainable activities, including the German Sustainability Award, which the Group won in 2020 in the “large enterprise” category. And in the spring of 2023, the German Federal Minister of the Environment included the Fischer Group in the network of climate protection companies.

To continue to set sustainability standards in the future and the company shares its experiences in this field as a virtuous model, and with this goal in mind, it has opened the fischer Sustainability Campus, where other companies, organizations, suppliers and partners can request support by attending a sustainability training session.

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