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Gardening, machinery declining in 2023

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In the first nine months of the year, the Italian market posted an overall decline of 12 percent, and based on Comagarden’s calculations, the year is expected to close around -7 percent.

The data, provided by the Morgan Statistical Survey Group , which includes most manufacturers, form the basis for forecasts prepared by the trade association Comagarden, which estimates a year-end deficit of 7 percent.

The total number of machines and equipment sold is expected to bearound 1 million 263 thousand units in the final budget. In terms of numbers, the most purchased types of equipment will be chainsaws (328 thousand units expected), petrol-powered brushcutters (212 thousand) and lawn mowers (208 thousand).

After significant growth during the pandemic period, In the current year there is a lower propensity to invest in the sector, partly due to a return to more ordinary living conditions partly due to inflation, which reduces household purchasing power and leads to procrastination of investment in hobby-type activities.

Machines in detail: who is growing and who is falling

The market for gardening and landscaping machinery and equipment shows an overall decline of 12 percent in the first nine months of the year. With the exception of a few types of vehicles that mark increases over the nine months of 2022 – see hedge trimmers (+12.7 percent), brushcutters/linetrimmer (+16.8 percent), blowers/aspirators (+2.8 percent), professional ride-ons (+28 percent), and bio-shredders (+5 percent) – most other types mark more or less pronounced decreases.

Lawn mowers drop 23%, chain hoes 26%, petrol brushcutters 14%, and chain saws 12%. The year’s weather pattern-characterized by high temperatures and low rainfall-has conspicuously penalized snowplows, which accumulate a 53 percent liability at the end of September.

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