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Romina Tribi: “There are still gender disparities in Italy.”

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According to Romina Tribi, Marketing Manager of TerComposti Spa, included in our “Women and Home Improvement” gallery, it is necessary to leverage managerial culture to bridge differences.

Interview with Romina Tribi who is marketing manager of TerComposti, a company specializing in the production of hobby and professional potting soils and substrates.

Tell us about your professional experience
My studies have been fundamental to my career path, after graduating in Accountancy in Piacenza, I earned a degree in Marketing at the University of Parma. Throughout my time at university I worked at the Coin commercial group, of which I have fond memories and where I was able to cut my teeth in the working world. Apart from this interlude I have then always worked in the world of gardening and especially in the area of potting soils, and I am now at the finish line of my 20th year working in this field. My first experience was for over 15 years at Vigorplant while now I always hold the position of Marketing Director at TerComposti. I am very pleased because these are two leading companies in Italy in this field.

What obstacles have you encountered as a woman
Personally a few, over the years I have always tried to demonstrate with facts my preparation and the passion I put into my work, and this has always paid off, I have always gotten a lot of satisfaction from those in the industry.

Has being a Woman Manager affected your family life?
It is definitely not easy to balance work and family management, especially with a still small child. In Italy there is no support from this point of view, but fortunately I have a lot of help from my family.

Do you feel in general that women are discriminated against in their careers and respected as much as a man?
In general, I think it is not a cliché to claim that there are still too many differences and disparities between the sexes in Italy. Gardening is also still a very male-dominated field of work especially in managerial positions within companies.

Envy from other women or solidarity’ and esteem?
In my field, because there are so few women in management, I find there is a lot of complicity and esteem. I have built up excellent relationships over the years that go even beyond the purely business aspect with several women managers, even from competing companies, who operate in the same field as I do. And it is precisely for women that I have been carrying out for a number of years in collaboration with the IEO-MONZINO foundation the “follow the pink” project, a campaign dedicated to raising awareness of the world of research and prevention of female oncological diseases. The initiatives also include the sale of a potting soil called precisely “Triple Woman,” part of the proceeds of which go to the foundation and which over the years has enabled us to surpass the €30,000 donated threshold.

Congratulations! We hope that “Our” Women Managers will want to join this “follow the pink” initiative!!!

Do you find that being a woman leads to doubts about your professional value?
Not at all, in fact, I think that being a woman in a very masculine world can emphasize certain aspects that male sensibilities cannot immediately grasp.

In what aspect is the Woman advantaged?
Definitely aesthetic taste, especially in marketing. I am convinced that in companies where the manager is a woman, this plus is also perceived externally. Women have greater empathic sensitivity and emotional intelligence.

Do you notice that there is a change in recent years in the consideration of women managers by colleagues, customers, suppliers?
Yes I believe that the woman manager is increasingly considered, certainly it is necessary to imprint a managerial culture in top management that can close this gap for good, and the road, although less uphill, is still long ….

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