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BigMat Italy closes 2023 with 240 stores


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And 156 members. This is the Group’s balance sheet, in Italy, strengthened by seven new members in the past six months. From Tuscany to Campania to Sicily.

The growth of the BigMat network has been continuous and steady this 2023, and the latest memberships go to strengthen BigMat’s presence in three strategic areas in Southern and Central Italy.

BigMat in Sicily covers all strategic areas of the island. With Edil Bova‘s membership in Termini Imerese, BigMat now also covers the province of Palermo. The company, founded by the Bova brothers, has been in business since 1972 in the production of engineered concrete, insulation and earthmoving solutions, to which it added the sale of building materials in 1993.

Led today by the second generation of the family, is spread over a total area of 5,150 square meters, including 2,000 square meters of heavy construction yard, iron, pipes and laminated wood; 250 sq. m. of hardware area, two tintometers, plumbing, thermal and electrical and 320 sq. m. showroom of ceramics, sanitary ware, faucets, doors and fixtures.

There are 18 staff members available to artisans, businesses and individuals for whom the company is a point of reference thanks to a wide assortment of products and services offered: pre- and post-sales assistance, delivery to the construction site, design and rendering. A growing reality as Giovanni Bova, owner of the store, explains.: “A project that I care a lot about and that we have embraced with enthusiasm and pride; being part of the BigMat family allows us to continue and accelerate our development path, with the support of the Group we will be even more competitive.”

In Marsala, however, it is Mediedil Srl that has joined the Group. “We are thrilled to have joined BigMat,” says sole director Salvatore Galfano, “and even more so that the Group is expanding in Sicily, demonstrating solid local construction distribution that can grow further with BigMat. In the area since 1965, BigMat Mediedil is a reference point for the construction market in the area: reselling since 1989 thanks to the entrepreneurial skills of Professor Pietro Galfano, father of Salvatore, who heads the company today.

Thanks to its strategic location, the store presides over the city area, the historic center and the entire province, offering construction companies, craftsmen, professionals and also private individuals the best construction solutions. The retailer, with 1,500 sq. m. of warehouse and store and 25,000 sq. m. of open area, has products for construction and hardware, a color area with tintometer and the 70 sq. m. showroom. Dedicated to resin. There are 4 administrative staff members and 4 sales and logistics staff members who provide specialized advice and assistance.

A constantly growing company with a +30% turnover in the last year: “We chose BigMat because we admire its philosophy. Its collaborative atmosphere is an incentive to do even better, thanks in part to the many services available, important projects and ongoing training that will help us develop our business.”

As a reminder, BigMat is in Sicily, in Noto ,with La Nuova Commerciale, the Group’s first retailer in the Syracuse area. Since 1971 the Carpino family’s store, 16 km from Noto, has expanded its product range with hardware, plumbing and power tools until, in 1990 with son Salvatore Carpino, it became La Nuova Commerciale: wholesale resale of building materials which today, in its third generation, is a landmark for the area of Noto, Syracuse and Ragusa.

In Agrigento, the BigMat family is growing with Iacolino Srl, a company founded by Antonio in 2001 and now led by his children Calogero and Morena. The 1,500-square-meter store is home to products and solutions from the best brands for all-around design from new construction to renovations, thanks to its offerings of cutting-edge solutions from the electrical, plumbing and tooling sectors, but also traditional construction, color and home automation.

Businesses, installers and individuals can find everything they need supported by BigMat Iacolino’s team of 20 people ready to meet every request, from site inspections to project development, from pre- and post-sales technical advice to material delivery.

A well-organized facility flanked by a 60-square-meter exhibition space, inaugurated in 2018 in Favara (AG), where people can discover up close the air conditioning and home automation systems and installations that BigMat Iacolino designs.

Joining the BigMat Group “allows us to be even more competitive in the construction market, which we have recently entered but which is giving us great satisfaction. Choosing BigMat represents an important investment for our growth, thanks to the wide range of brands that collaborate with the Group we aim, in fact, to establish ourselves even more as a strategic partner of professionals and companies, with the support of the Central, the training courses organized by the BigMat School and the collaboration and to the comparison with the other partners we will be able to continue the path of development that we have undertaken in the construction branch,” says owner Calogero Iacolino.

Moving up the Boot in Campania, we find Edil Lamberti of Salerno, which has become part of the BigMat Group. The Lamberti family company was founded in Cava De’ Tirreni (SA) in 1997, from the entrepreneurial spirit of Antonio Lamberti. In the 9,000-square-meter store, 6,000 of which are uncovered and 3,000 of which are covered, it is possible to find all construction solutions and a wide range of heavy and light construction products, as well as hardware and a color area with two tintometers. Added to these isthe rental service of small and large construction equipment.

Finally, there are two new BigMat associates in Tuscany.

B&G Building Materials of Pistoia (PT) – active since 1992 as a center for the sale of building materials, has been under the Niccolai family since 2016. In the store, developed on an area of 12 thousand square meters, there are bricks, plasterboard, metal profiles, carpentry iron as well as lumber and everything necessary for construction.

Professional clothing, paints and hardware, find their place in the 400 sq. m. showroom, where flooring, wall tiles and bathroom furnishings are also on display, “sectors that we have included in our offer gradually and on which we will focus to intercept more private customers,” Franco Niccolai emphasizes. The BigMat B&G Building Materials store offers pre- and post-sales consulting, tintometric service, beam cutting, and on-site inspections for both businesses and individuals, and also provides interior and exterior design service, performed in the showroom by a highly qualified staff of surveyors and architects.

A company that looks to the future with confidence and enthusiasm thanks to a project to renovate the existing building and a new construction of 1,000 square meters that will expand the storage area for construction materials to which another 200 sq. m. will be added, which will be dedicated to the sale of hardware and paint products.

In this scenario of great changes taking place, fundamental for the Pistoia store is the entry into BigMat, “a large Group, whose support in communication activities will be crucial to make us better known and reach out more extensively to professionals in the area. All this will be possible thanks to the investments made and the support of the BigMat powerhouse. We also expect, in the coming years, to further expand the product range of our showroom by including the doors and windows segment to complete the proposal of finishes.”

In the province of Lucca, it is the historic COMID warehouse in Querceta, a hamlet of Seravezza (LU), that has chosen BigMat.

The Versilia-based company COMID(an acronym for Commercio Materiale Idraulico) was founded in 1965 on the initiative of Silvano Croci and is now led by his son, Paolo Croci. In the warehouse of more than 1,200 sq. m. covered area and 6 thousand sq. m. yard is everything you need for construction and renovation: building materials, hardware, tools and even finishes and bathroom furniture in the 600 sq. m. showroom. Dedicated to architects and individuals.

Thanks to BigMat Comid’s staff of 20 people , it offers full service from pre-sales and post-sales consulting to on-site delivery and even 3D design in the showroom. “Cutting-edge solutions, all-around support and synergy between construction warehouse and showroom are the cornerstones with which we hold our own against strong competition in our area,” says the owner of BigMat Comid. We chose BigMat to be even more competitive and capillary, it is a well-structured entity that will support us from the communication and advertising point of view to increase our visibility and from the commercial point of view. Being part of the Group is an important calling card for our company, a confirmation of our reliability and professionalism.”

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