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Würth Italia, stores and delivery services open h24

Il negozio Würth a Mules
Il negozio Würth a Mules

In Italy there is an ongoing debate on the closure of shops on Sundays. However, some operators are pushing to the opposite direction. For example, aiming at ensuring a more efficient service, Würth Italia has announced opening and deliveries h24.

A pioneer of this project, which the company calls “a revolution in this field”, is the shop in Mules, a small village in the municipality of Campo di Trens on the border between Italy and Austria, that from March 1st will be open 24/7.

The choice of this shop is motivated by its convenient location close to the construction yard of the Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT). Considering that there are about 3,000 workers working day and night in the yard, Würth is aiming to become a reference point for companies in the area, but above all to test a sales format that will become the trend of the future.

The company guarantees no more stock shortages or interruption of operations. In fact, thanks to an innovative electronic recognition system, the customer will be able to purchase goods at the desired time and in complete independence. Each BBT worker will be handed a personal card, a sort of badge that will allow access to the store only to the cardholders. Once entered, the customer can pick the items from the shelves and go to a dedicated station, scan them and withdraw the receipt. At this point, the buying procedure is complete and the customer can get back to work.

This initiative undoubtedly represents a fundamental milestone in the customer experience that Würth provides to its customers. Mules is the first of a series of new stores that will be run on the same basic principle.

“It is a formula that perfectly integrates innovative technologies and traditional sales concepts with the aim of meeting the new purchasing needs of our customers and ensuring the availability of goods at any time,” says Harald Santer, Sales Manager and member of the Executive Board of Würth Italia.

Lockers and new openings

The new Würth Locker service adopts the same strategy. This service allows customers to collect the ordered goods at a vending machine installed outside of the store 24/7. As from March the service will be active at 7 stores in the Trentino–South Tyrol region: Egna, Bolzano, Meran, Brixen, Arco, Rovereto and Trento.

Again in the Trentino–South Tyrol region, a new opening has been scheduled for next May in Bolzano. Particularly interesting is the location in the city center, also in view of the strategic “Plan for Bolzano” with large public works planned in the city in the near future.

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