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Valex flyer the Spring/Summer 2024

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The flyer features a wide range of gardening and DIY products. Valex reaffirms its commitment, offering versatile, high-quality solutions that meet everyone’s needs.

The platform of products powered by a single 18V or 12V battery continues to prove its strength with the introduction of new products designed to confirm its success.

Within the 18V offering, we find:

  • The M-MPB1 18 and M-MPB2 18 Brushless PRO Drilling Hammers that offer superior performance with 2.2J and 3.2J power. Both equipped with triple function (drill, hammer drill and breaker with fixed drill bit) and available in a case, with the possibility of also purchasing them in kit version with battery and charger.
  • The M-TL1 18 Drill Driver revamped in design and ergonomics, the M-TL1 has the dual function of drill and hammer drill with a stroke power of 1.3J.
  • The M-SCT18 SPEEDY Telescopic Pruner: an indispensable and increasingly high-performance tool for caring for tall hedges and shrubs, the new pruner sees the introduction of a 24-cm bar with particularly thin Oregon chain for superior and truly optimized cutting performance. Special attention to ergonomics and convenience is provided by the 3-position tilting head and 5-position rotatable handle.

Garden and Outdoors: news for the season

This year, the focus is on the new Twister 1800, a 3-in-one product: in fact, it is an electric sweeper that, thanks to the included accessories, not only takes care of cleaning synthetic lawns but also transforms into a scarifier and aerator for natural lawns. Equipped with an 1800W electric motor, it has a working width of 38 cm, a 45L basket and 5 cutting heights.

Also, in the world of pruning, Valex introduces the new TS51FG 520W electric hedge trimmer with 50cm blade and the new double-opening pruning shears with hardened, Teflon-coated steel blades represent excellence for landscaping.

Family, the line of simple and safe products designed for home and hobby use, is completed with the new TL210 miter saw, 1700W power and 210mm blade, the Hammer 5020 hammer drill, 950W and 3.5J power, and the Mix 851 mixer, 850W for 0-900 rpm. The excellent value for money makes these references really interesting for those approaching the DIY world or looking for a solution with the right performance for noncontinuous work.

In addition.

But that is not all. Machine tools and complementary products such as the range of aluminum stairs “Made in Italy, New and durable belts, blades, kits and accessories of all kinds: Valex is confirmed as a reliable partner, able to provide solutions for every need, concretely supporting those who rely on its brand and offering a full range of high-quality products and accessories.

  • Valex Spring/Summer 2024 Flyer
  • Valex Spring/Summer 2024 Flyer
  • Valex, TL210 miter saw
  • Valex, TL210 miter saw
  • Valex, Hammer 5020 hammer drill
  • Valex, MIX 851 Mixer
  • Valex, MTL 1 tessellator
  • Valex, MTL 1 tessellator
  • Valex, Brushless Hammer Drill PRO M-MPB1
  • Valex. cordless breaker M MPB2
  • Valex. cordless breaker M MPB2
  • Valex, TS51FG Electric Hedge Trimmer
  • Valex, M SCT18 S telescopic pruner
  • Valex, sweeper Twister 1800
  • Valex, sweeper Twister 1800

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